IT security from a different perspective,
the attacker's perspective!

Findalyze Dashboard

The attacker's view of your external attack surface. Explore all infrastructure changes and risks directly from Findalyze dashboard.

Continuously rediscovered inventory!

All your assets

An up-to-date overview of your internet-facing assets. Something new is exposed, no problem! Findalyze has you covered. Something is not online anymore; findalyze will catch that as well.

Beyond vulnerabilities! Prioritize smart!

Risk Management

Findalyze goes beyond known vulnerabilities. We track every change of your external posture, whether vulnerable or not.


Better Insights. Less Risk. More Time.

Asset Inventory
Findalyze continiously discovers assets that belong to your company.
Risk Assesment
Our algorithms with encoded security knowledge analyze your issues and assess the criticality.
Human ingenuity
Our algorithms are smart, but our security engineers are smarter. When needed, we assign one or more security experts to enrich the findings.
Continious Monitoring
Findalyze continuously monitors the attack surface and notifies our clients of expected and unexpected changes and findings.
No Setup, Instant Access
Just sign up and get insights on your external attack surface. We take care of the rest!
Actionable Advices
Our bits of advice are easy to follow and understand, even for engineers without a security background.